Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Caught up...

I have been HORRIBLE about keeping up with this blog...and all that is going on in life! I recently got hired on to continue work in environmental education at the place I have been working for 11 months. In addition to this, we have been trying to get our place organized to have a garage sale. Needless to say life has been getting the best of me. The best part is that I have an amazing husband who supports me and even cleaned and organized our office so I have a semi-decent place to craft! WOO! But unfortunately I have not been on my game and the room is a mess....again. My hopes are to have that room organized and finally get some new stuff out in the next week.

I recently had a crafting party with some chicas and it was lovely. We cut, glued, embossed, and colored our hearts out. It was great! I also have made a few cards here and there for friends using Serif DrawPlus. In my opinion it is a cross between Microsoft Paint and Adobe Illustrator...if you can imagine that. All-in-all I have been happy with it. I am hoping the more time I spend using it, the more comfortable I will be.

Apologies for the lack of posting. I am going to be more disciplined when it comes to this blogging thing since I have been slacking hardcore. Check back soon!

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