Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How I scrapbook keepsakes.

Yesterday Danielle, a good friend and fellow scrapbook enthsiast, and I were chatting about how to display all the cards we get throughout the year. I will admit that I am guilty of keeping most of my letters and cards in a box, but after our wedding, I decided I wanted a different way to look at them. Don't get me wrong, I did look through the beautiful words and advice from friends and family every once in a while, but digging through a box has never been my top pick for keeping paper keepsakes - most of the time I can't get the stuff BACK in the box!

After our son was born I really wanted an easy way for him to be able to look at and read all the photos, letters, and cards from the amazing people in his life so I decided to put them into a scrapbook.

Top left: I like to spread out all my materials (sometimes I will even use the floor for more space!). Bottom right: this is our wedding scrapbook - you could decorate it however you choose. Personally I just wanted to be able to read the cards, so I didn't decorate too much, just some nice colored paper.

Our Wedding Scrapbook - these photos are of the bridal shower, and bachelorette invitation (top right), and also all the business cards from the vendors we used (bottom right). We have a seperate photo album with just photos, and honestly I was super overwelmed with trying to put the photos in a scrapbook, thus why I have two albums (one with just professional photos from the wedding, and one with all the cards, and extra photos from the showers, bacheloretter/bachelor parties, etc.)

The next two photos are from our son's scrapbook. This one is more decorated, since I was more organized and already planned on making one for him. I put a photo (if I had one) plus the card we got from everyone at our showers. It is really fun to look through it and see all the wonderful sentiments!

The photo below is just an example of what I used to make these albums: binder (I used one from a photo album that I took all the inserts out of, but you can use a scrapbook album depending on how much you want to put in it), glue or photo edges (just make sure whatever you use is acid free), page pretectors, and all the stuff you want to document!

There are many ways of documenting keepsakes. Do you have a fun idea that you use?

Thanks for reading and have a happy day!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hello again!

Wow, things have been busy to say the least - moving, and taking care of a 9 mth old sure takes a lot of time! :)

Nothing new to share right now. I recently designed a birthday card, and have a few projects coming up, but for now I will leave you with a list of a few things I am hoping to accomplish before the end of the year. Making a list usually makes me more motivated so here goes!

1. Learn guitar.

2. Take a letterpress class.

3. Sign my mom and up for a beading class (sorry it has taken so long mom!). We actually said we would do this for her birthday...that was in November. :/

4. Post 15 items on my Etsy website.

5. Try 1 new recipe each week from my MASSIVE (no joke) file of "Recipes to Try".

Do you have something that you have been thinking of trying lately? What are some of your goals for the year?

Have a happy day!

The photo above is a snowy owl. My good friend Val, baby B, and I went up to see them in WA. Such amazing creatures. Val took this great photo! It makes me smile looking at it. :)