Thursday, January 28, 2010

organized chaos...

 my life. The guest room is slightly more "organized" than the pictures above, but still not up to par. I have been trying to be a cleaning frenzy, but everything just seems to stay messy. I do not know what it is...maybe I could blame it on the fact I am left-handed? For the most part I know where things are, but unfortunately I am WAY too unorganized to try to put things on etsy and be successful. I am thinking Monday will be the big upload - I have made a handful of the Sweet Valentine card I love, but I have more ideas I want to get out before I post anything. Valentine's Day (call it what you want, it's all about the love in my mind!) is quitely approaching so I may have missed that train...

Let me know if you have any creative organizing ideas. I would love to read about them!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

After much procrastination on my part, my goal is to get my Etsy shop up and running...FINALLY! I made new thank you cards, but I need to "shape up or ship out", as they say, and get my shop and life in order. I have ideas on how to better organize myself since our spare bedroom is also where I plan on crafting, instead of the living room, and it needs to be organized - majorly! Since I am planning on opening my shop, it makes sense to get my blog in order as well. I will post some photos of my new work, in addition to the disaster turned functional room I plan on taking apart, literally. Thanks for being patient, and even if you have forgotten me, I promise I will refresh and (hopefully) impress you soon!

with love,
My little helpers :)