Monday, March 24, 2014

Guess who is baaaaaack

Hello blog world I am back and ready to type!

Life has been crazy busy to say the least, but I am keeping up as best I can and so far surviving.

I have been writing blog posts in my head for months now so lets just jump right into it shall we?

Currently I am sitting in the guest room getting lightheaded from paint fumes trying to figure out how to paint the black laminate units we have white. Like usual I got a little excited, well really impatient and started painting without priming. I know! Big no no. So now I am waiting for my other half to get home so we can head to the store and get what I need to finish my project. I'm just glad I started this late in the day so I don't have to wait all day to finish the project. I already dragged B out to Target, and bribed him with french fries and a dollar bin dino to look at lamp shades. That little man is good to me with only one real meltdown in public (I know I am beyond blessed with one, Lord help us when the next one comes) and I am NOT doing that again. At least B is good with food and cheap bribes. Just like his mommy. No shame.

Anyhoo I will leave you with a fun of some goodies I received recently since I hear someone back soon!

Love and hugs!

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