Wednesday, May 7, 2014


You know when people say "it's been one of those days"? Well it has been one of those months. And when I say one, I really mean a few. I feel like I have been going at full speed since 2014 started, and we have already started the fifth month of the year. How did that happen?

On the creative side, I have not had much time. My Gramp passed away a week and a half ago and so I made a book with some of my favorite photos of him and family. It was a healing process for me, and I enjoy looking at the photos since I have the book on our mantle.

I am working on being better about keeping up with this blog. I have been sucked into Instagram, and I have been posting on there as craftyjenna. As my brother pointed out a few days ago "mothers should not have access to social media", and I tend to post many photos of B so that's your fair warning.

Please be patient as I work on the design of my blog. I have started putting steps into place so I can get on a nice schedule.

Thanks for reading! Love and hugs!


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